Review – Iceland’s Barbeque Chicken Wings

“Ain’t no thing but a chicken wing”, they say.  I’m a big fan of chicken wings and no stranger to cooking my own from scratch, including these Chinese Takeaway Style Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings.  If I’m pushed, I’d probably choose a dry breaded wing over a sauced wing, but I’ll take them any way they come.  In the case of Iceland’s Barbeque Chicken Wings, they come in 850g bags priced at £3.50 (at the time of purchase).

A quick look at the ingredients list suggests that they share a few spices and flavours with Pizza Hut’s offering (garlic powder, sugar, salt, starch etc).  This seems promising.  The frozen wings are easily separated and arranged on a baking tray lined with parchment paper for easy cleanup.

After 25 mins in a 200c oven (turning half way through), the wings come out looking delicious and my hopes for a good experience are raised once more.  Presented to me in a branded cardboard box, I’d struggle to distinguish them from a takeaway offering.  If any difference is clear, it’s that these Iceland wings are larger and have more meat than their takeaway counterparts.  I like my wings just slightly charred so gave them the full indicated cooking time and this was perfect – they can also be air fried in just 14 mins.

If you’re a fan of the aforementioned Pizza Hut BBQ Chicken Wings, I think you’ll love these.  The flavour is good, with a not too sweet barbecue glaze complimenting the meat itself which seems to be of good quality.  I would happily buy these again, and it goes without saying that they’re a great value for money option in comparison to the price you’d expect to pay for a portion of takeaway chicken wings

Date reviewed: 01/01/2023
Price paid: £3.50 (850g bag)

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