The Street Food Secret

Tasty street food recipes from around the world!

The Street Food Secret brings the excitement, full-on flavour and energy of street food right into your own kitchen.

The book is packed full of exciting and tasty recipes. Ideal for celebrating or partying with friends and family, it has the classic, international dishes enjoyed by everyday people for generations as well as modern day, fusion-food creations.

Following the huge success of the author`s The Takeaway Secret, Kenny McGovern took himself off to various countries around the world to research the local street food and explore the exciting and vibrant street food culture recently brought to life through social media.

Kenny`s recipes are quick and easy to make, and they taste as good as they do on the street!

Celebrating classic dishes enjoyed every day by generations of people the world over, as well as more modern fusion food creations, this book is packed full of exciting recipes ideal for sharing with friends and family. Following the success of his previous two books, author Kenny McGovern has ventured abroad and developed his repertoire of global fast food, becoming particularly interested in street food – an interest increasingly shared by the UK’s foodies whose own travel experiences in places such as Mumbai, Marrakesh and Malaysia have fuelled a rise in authentic ethnic dishes such as Mediterranean kebabs, tacos and wraps, halloumi, satay and jalapenos.

Recipes include: 
Burgers & Dogs – Juicy Lucy Burger, Dirty Mac Dog, Sloppy Joe, Vada Pav and more.
Tacos, Wraps & Bread – Tacos Carnitas, Cheesesteak, NYC Pizza Slice.
Fried Stuff – Mac ‘n’ Cheese Bites, Poutine, Chicken Parmo.
Stir Fries & Curries – Pad Kra Pow Gai, Gunpowder Chicken, Pav Bhaji.
Rice & Noodles – Pad See Ew, Ants Climbing a Tree, Yakisoba, Wok Fired Noodles.
Ribs, Wings & Skewers – Sriracha Buffalo Wings, Moo Ping, Sweet & Spicy Ribs.

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