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For this week’s Follow Friday I spoke to the very well travelled and very lovely trudiemalik

Can you tell us about your instagram account and how it all began?

Thank you for asking!  So my profile is simply my name and mainly follows my life.  I’m into eating so I love to share good places in Glasgow and other places when I travel.  If I’m researching somewhere I’ll be travelling to the first thing I do is search on Instagram so I’d like my page to do the same for people travelling to Glasgow.  I’ve been doing it for sometime now, maybe 4 years, more consistently in the last year.

Is food an important factor for you when you plan travels / holidays?

Definitely!  The culture and the sights are too, but when you look back and chat about a trip you always find yourself saying “remember that great meal” or “the street food was incredible”.  Food is always the first thing I recommend to people, food places and craft beer bars!

Which countries have you enjoyed eating in and are there others you haven’t been to yet that are on your wish list?

I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to travel.  I’ve done a good part of Asia (Japan, South Korea, China, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan).  I’ve also been to South America (Uruguay, Argentina), North Africa (Morocco), The Middle East (Dubai, Qatar) and Western Europe (Spain, Germany, France, Italy, The Netherlands).  I’ve seen a lot but there is so much more to see!  I’ve never been to the states, or South Africa, I’d love to visit both.  My next trip will be to Colombia in March this year.  I’ve been very lucky to see some amazing countries and cultures.

Asian food is my favourite.  I’d definitely have to say Vietnam was my favourite but China has an amazing craft beer scene so that comes very close.

This is a difficult question for anyone but I suspect even more so for you – can you tell us (in no particular order) about three of the most enjoyable and memorable dishes you’ve eaten on your travels?

Very hard question!  I’ve got to say the steak in Argentina.  Funny thing when you’re looking for food at the end of the night (as you do) and you find yourself sharing a 500g steak as your drunk food, no chips and cheese in sight!  It tasted amazing.

In Vietnam on a street food tour there was a stop called ‘coke can chicken’.  I feared the worst.  The chicken was slow cooked in a can of coke and you could see the feet popping out of the top.  I thought “there’s no way on earth I’m eating this!” but once it was served it was delicious.  I didn’t eat the feet!

Doha the latest, a burger at nusr et, the most expensive but probably the best burger I’ve ever eaten.

Does your love of food extend to cooking at home?

Yes!  In the last 5 years I’ve got really into it.  I used to be terrible at it but now I love trying to recreate dishes that I’ve maybe had out at a restaurant or on my travels.  My main problem is that I go about happily adding to my dishes and I never write anything down, so you never get the same dish twice!  My favourite thing to cook is Dan Dan Noodles – again though, It’s never the same dish twice!

Are there any other food / travel accounts you follow that you’d recommend to others?

Glasgow based, _thecrispyroll, chriseatsglasgow, roccos_scotland (some stunning scenery!) and thetravelledfoodie.

Going back to your own account, what can people expect to see from you in the days ahead?

At the moment I’m on a bit of a health kick as I normally do before a holiday, just to save and not go overboard with eating so throwbacks from my travels, what I’m planning for my next trip and more food!

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